Firstchip fc1178bc 16gb

firstchip fc1178bc 16gb 13 2017-11-03_Beta(1116) (Varios Intentos) _ FFFF-1201 8 – chipYB2019 AD3A1403 0850 Hynix CE:1 Single Channel MLC Sin nombre 16GB FirstChip FC1178/FC1179 MpTools V1. 1. Parts Only 13. 02 免费版磁盘工具 / 5M; 9 Ontrack EasyRecovery13注册机磁盘工具 / 39M; 10 STC ISP官方免费版(单片机烧录软件) v6. 18 MB; 3 金士顿dt101 g2 16gb优盘量产工具简体中文 / 1. Download chipsbank umptool v5 and repair Chipsbank CBM2093A1, CBM2093P, CBM2095, CBM2096, CBM2096P, CBM2193A1, CBM2193P chip controllers . Storage 6. 0 First Chip FC1178 BC MpTools V. thanks!! This thumb drive is the literal definition of generic. APK Languages: English , Multi-language Sep 25, 2020 · FirstChip MpTools(一芯u盘量产工具) 7. The API provides access to several embedded firmware features and additional interfaces to implement added-value firmware extensions and application features. Jul 11, 2019 · 上传者: 杜丽霞 2020-10-26 14:26:50上传 ZIP文件 6. FirstChip FC1178BC MpTools (она же I-T117x Mptools) - производственная программа для полноценного . The capacity storage test result of 16GB and 32GB is 100% true capacity storage results and STORE where it bought VISIT ME But the 64GB was "failed" to reach recommended maximum capacity, it is only 31GB. 硬盘低级格式化工具(Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool) 0. 0 (add ID), first Chip FC1178 BC MpTools V. file size: 4. 7 2010 year ‎App Name‎: BypassFRP_3. . Windows users: try right-clicking the link and selecting "Save Target As". 00 Current Speed: High Speed Max Current: 100mA USB Device ID: VID = FFFF PID = 1201 Device Revision: 0000 Manufacturer: NAND Product Model: USB2DISK Product Revision: 0. The reading and much quicker to TTL converter. Jul 09, 2010 · Vendor: FirstChip Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC Flash ID code: AD3A18A3 - Hynix H27UDG8M2MTR - 1CE/Single Channel [TLC-16K] -> Total Capacity = 16GB U spisku flasheva nađeš taj tvoj H27UDG8M2MTR, u Scan staviš 1 Factory, u Bin staviš Fixed by bin. 本工具用于修复U盘,能够解决U盘无法格式化等问题,可设定U盘读写周期、高级或低级格式化、创建加密型U盘、U盘启动盘。 Jan 21, 2019 · 1 闪迪FirstChip FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具简体中文 / 4. add to watchlist send us an update. com/disk-repair-application-by-malvastyle/J. Sem falar na qualidade duvidosa do chip. 61 MB; 2 SanDisk闪迪U盘量产工具(芯片型号:0781)简体中文 / 3. zip下载. 可指定FLASH闪存芯片 . 58 MB / 英文 . ru/files/chipgenius/2. 3 - 2. 若某一设备运行时出现软件异常,请等待其他设备运行完成后再点击确定。. 3. It actually reports itself as a generic drive** If you do some additional digging you'll find a FirstChip FC1178BC controller inside. Saitech Inc. Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC Flash ID code: 454C98A3 - SanDisk - 1CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 16GB Normally wouldn't be a problem as I'd just reformat to 16GB but the 7 install tool throws a hissy fit and won't work. You will require a program capable of expanding ". 88 MB; 4 sandisk cruzer 32G U盘量产工具简体中文 / 2. 71 MB Reset+FirstChip FC1178BC MpTools V1. 60 MB 时间: 2019-1-27 11:45:00智能高速地址群英网络地址微子网络地址. Connect USB flash drive to your computer. 29/1/2019 · 4 FirstChip一芯FC1178BC量产usbcdrom打开盘图文详细教程; 5 U盘被写保护怎样解除?实测绝对可行方案; 6 群联PS2251-07写固件U盘修好量产成功图文详细教程; 7 固态硬盘不认盘慧荣SM2246EN芯量产修好成功图文详细教程; 8 台电SSD慧荣SM2256固态硬盘不认盘不识别开卡修好成功 . adata: s102: 090c: 3267: smi: silicon motion sm3267 ae: 32: star_sm3267ae_q0804_prescan Description: Description: [G:]USB Mass Storage Device(NAND USB2DISK) Device Type: Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: USB 2. Mac users: try Control (ctrl)-clicking the link and selecting "Download Link to Disk". +12. First Chip . 19 software and repair corrupted Alcor chip controller . Прошивку для игровых приставок не использую - я не геймер, поэтому нет особого смысла форматировать внешние носители в vfat или другие ФС для прошивок. [ 主控厂商: FirstChip(一芯) 主控型号: FC1178BC 闪存识别码: 983AA493 - Toshiba(东芝) TC58TFG7DDLTA00 - 1CE/单通道 [MLC-16K] -> 总容量 = 16GB FirstChip(一芯)FC1178BC最新量产工具2020. com please subscribe . 3786 17. Aug 30, 2019 · ChipGenius v4. 07. Sep 07, 2017 · Download AlcorMP v16. 一个山寨的U盘,想要量产分一个usb-cdrom启动盘出来,虽然山寨的U盘质量不怎么样,但一般做系统U盘的话,主要考量的是读取数据的能力,这点来说山寨盘也还是够用的,下面就教大家如何量产。 Nov 05, 2016 · 多种tf卡 ssd u盘评测 多图(含asssd atto测试截图)匿名用户2016-11-05 17:00:0055点赞289收藏74评论小编注:此篇文章来自即可瓜分10万金币,周边好礼达标就有,邀新任务奖励无上限,点击查看活动详情笔者喜好收集各类设备的测试图片,也有本人实测的一些数据,现在放出来个大家共享参考下。 Jan 08, 2018 · 7 闪迪FirstChip FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具v1. 4. Electronics Tool 5. 02 beta The utility for USB flash drives on the controllers firm ChipsBank CBM2092; CBM2092P C. FC MpTool 03. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17破解版(磁盘管理工具) 301 MB / 简体中文 . We recommend WinZip for Windows users or Stuffit Expander for Mac OS users. ] J'ai un problème avec ma clef USB, elle est neuve, je l'ai déjà ouverte une fois sur mon ordinateur sans aucun problème puis je l'ai utilisé sur mon imprimante pour scanner directement mes fichiers dessus. Watch the Video Procedure Model Test in video OEM Kingston 64GB OTG/flashdrive Info of chipgenius tool VendorCo VID 048D Flash ID 453C98B37672 Serial Number: 6017011125459701423 Controller Vendor: FirstChip Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC If it did fix your problem, tell me in the comments below!and don't forget to like the video)The Programs1- ChipGeniushttp://www. Hi, I ran ChipGenius, found an older version of the repair tool but it says "version too low". 3MB更新时间:2017-08-21 Controller Vendor: FirstChip Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC Flash ID code: AD3A1403 - Hynix - 1CE/Single Channel [MLC] -> Total Capacity = 16GB Jan 09, 2020 · 闪迪FirstChip FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Philips Snow Edition USB 2. Click "Scan" button to start looking for lost files on PC. Bluetooth\Speaker 2. Dizer que é de 256Gb tá sendo muito otimista, levando em conta que pendrive de 256 ainda são muito caros. 0 最新版磁盘工具 / 4M; 8 爱国者U盘修复工具绿色版(挽救识别不出的U盘) v09. Mesmo que consiga transformar em tamanho real, não usaria para qualquer coisa mais importante. 用户评论. ru/files/firstchip/fc1179mptools/ FirstChip FC1178BC прошить - Qepuvy. Просто хороший USB-накопитель - High Speed USB 3. MalvaStyle USB Repair Version 3. Jul 19, 2021 · ANDROIDs 2. 0. Aug 09, 2021 · Step 1. 29 20161027 最新版软件大小:2. 01. Jul 27, 2020 · MPtool FIRSTCHIP for part number chipYC2019 FC1178 FC1179. 9 2018-01-03_8T23 Feb 01, 2002 · ChipsBank CBM2092 Umptool v2. Simply, add the scatter file in the SP Flash tool and locate the image and flash it. 3 (2020-04-30) _ FFFF-1201 Tabla de Memorias USB solucionadas con el controlador FirstChip (24 de marzo 2021) Oct 01, 2020 · FirstChip MpTools(一芯u盘量产工具) 7. Download Link : http://malvastyle. FirstChip: FC1178BC: 454C98A3: 32: Flash ID code: 454C98A3 – SanDisk – 1CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 32GB FLASH VENDOR: NAND . This thumb drive is the literal definition of generic. 0 64GB. TDA IC 10. Parted Magic(磁盘工具箱) 783 MB / 简体中文 . 33 MB; 5 祥硕ASM1153E硬盘盒固件升级工具(附最新固件)英文 / 2. Step 3. 9 2018-01-03_8T23, но безуспешно. Alcor MP v16 can fix chip model AU6989SN-GT/GTA/GTB 89SNL-B 89SNL Enable Firmware Extensions and secure your NAND flash memory solution with Hyperstone's Application Programming Interface. 在使用该量产工具之前,请先使用芯片精灵软件检查一下你的U盘是否是主控型号: FC1178BC,若是就可以使用本量产程序。. 9. 12. nand: USB2DISC: FFFF: 1201: FirstChip: USB2DISK: 1CE/SINGLE CHANNEL [TLC] 32: 453C98B3766B — SanDisk — 1CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 32GB Je vois que c'est une clé de 16GB ou moins = écrit 16GB mais ça pourrait être 8 ! Le contrôleur est de marque FirstChip et modèle FC1178BC [email protected] Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and hover on USB device. 0 _4D2F. 0 16GB Memory Flash Drive at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! Jan 27, 2019 · 平台: Winall 大小: 4. zip" files. Flash Drive Repair August 30, 2019. How to repair usb flash drive even if it's corrupted , you can use all flash software free!. Feb 08, 2014 · Download Alcor Recovery software and repair any USB flash drive have the following AU6980/6981, AU6982, AU6983, AU6984/6387, AU6986, AU6986T, AU6990, AU6998, AU6998N Alcor Chip Vendor. 2 screenshots: runs on: Windows 10 32/64 bit. Résolu. 5/1/2019 · 4 FirstChip一芯FC1178BC量产usbcdrom打开盘图文详细教程; 5 U盘被写保护怎样解除?实测绝对可行方案; 6 群联PS2251-07写固件U盘修好量产成功图文详细教程; 7 固态硬盘不认盘慧荣SM2246EN芯量产修好成功图文详细教程; 8 台电SSD慧荣SM2256固态硬盘不认盘不识别开卡修好成功 . When the scan completes, you can apply the "Filter" feature or the click the search box to quickly find the lost files from USB. 下载地址. 4 Now available! The Search Function is back. 9 2018-01-03 8T23. Thanks for watching my videos. 一芯fc1178bc量产工具 4. Jun 18, 2020 · FirstChip MpTools是一芯全系主控芯片U盘量产工具,只要是使用一芯FirstChip芯片的U盘都可以使用,FirstChip量产工具用于修复U盘,能够解决U盘无法格式化等问题,可设定U盘读写周期、高级或低级格式化、创建加密型U盘、u盘启动盘。 FirstChip一芯FC1178BC量产usbcdrom启动盘教程. 00 can repair and format corrupted Chipcbank CBM209x controller . 00 Controller Vendor: FirstChip Controller Part . ChipGenius software 2019 is a free application created to help people to extract information about their USB flash drive devices. Step 2. Feb 28, 2019 · FirstChip FC1178 and FC1179 MpTools V1. 0319. BuySKU - High-speed USB 2. 83MB 下载158次. Jul 25, 2021 · Android Gingerbread 2. Развернуть. 58 MB / 简体中文 闪 迪 FirstChip FC1178BC v1. 28 MB / 简体中文 . флешка была FC1178BC на 256Гб по заявлению китайцев, в “мой компьютер” не отображалась, скачал ту программу и все заработало, сначала пробовал FirstChip FC1178BC MpTools V1. First Chip FC1178 MpTools (она же I-T117x Mptools), утилита для прошивки флешек на USB-контроллерах First Chip FС1178 3D, FС1178 BC. 想不想拥有更强大的U盘量产工具呢,快来下载闪迪FirstChip FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具免费版进行使用吧,它是一款很实用的FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具,主要为闪迪FirstChip U盘打造 . 2. FirstChip: Nand USB2DISK: FFFF: 1201: FirstChip: FC1178BC: SANDISK: 128: FirstChip FC1178BC MpTools V1. Cela a bien fonctionné pour au moins 30 scan puis d'un coup l'imprimante ne détectait . 17beta版 ,数码之家 设为首页 收藏本站 任务中心 道具中心 获得积分 原创收益 搜优惠券 高级会员 切换到宽版 Aug 21, 2017 · 一芯FirstChip是一款经过测试它是可以用联阳的量产工具的。只测了这一个版本适用于一芯的FC1178BC主控,这里把工具分享给大家。 软件名称:一芯 FC1178BC主控量产工具 v1. 一芯FC1178 FC1179量产工具FirstChip_MpTools_20200430 更新内容: FirstChip_MpTools_20200430 1、进一步完善0408工具,提升8T24开卡BIN级及良率 2、提升1179AB+N18对比良率 3、提升低Bin级芯片开卡良率. 0 Flash Drive Mini U-disk 16GB. 3,支持主控型号FirstChip FС1178 3D, FС1178 BC, а также FirstChip FС1179, FС1179S, FС1179AB. Ako i posle ovoga neće ja nemam neki drugi savet. Oct 19, 2014 · Chipsbank umptool v5. Except one, our open devices. Its cheap and it can be reprogrammed to report whatever size you want. PC Companion will install the latest firmware on your phone and will reset it to the Factory setting. 更 . This thumb drive is the literal definition of generic. Windows 8 32/64 bit. 86 最新版磁盘工具 / 12M Jan 01, 2021 · Controller Vendor: FirstChip Controller Part-Number: FC1178BC Flash ID code: 454C98A37651 - SanDisk - 1CE/Single Channel [TLC] -> Total Capacity = 16GB Dec 28, 2019 · очередная китайская USB-OTG флешка на 32Гб ( с разборкой ) 10540 44. 7 MB. Aug 20, 2021 · FirstChip FC1178BC MpTools V1. This is a flash controller synonymous with fake flash drives. 02. Windows 7 32/64 bit. Sep 21, 2020 · Usb detectée mais non visible [. usbdev. 86 最新版磁盘工具 / 12M Aug 30, 2017 · 7 闪迪FirstChip FC1178BC主控U盘量产工具v1. +40. Nov 18, 2019 · In the video below, There a lot of Sandisk MicroSd with the value of 16GB, 32GB, and 1pc 64GB. 5726 30. 00. Jun 19, 2021 · Não sei porque todo o trabalho, deve ser um de 8gb, se for 16gb é muito. 58 MB / 简体中文 Feb 22, 2021 · 一芯(FirstChip)主控量产工具20200430号版本,版本号V1. 19. 14 build 2019-02-28 https://www. CAR Amplifier 11. Repair your Alcor Controller Now . firstchip fc1178bc 16gb

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